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Midnight gets a makeover! It's been far too long since I've updated this site. You will notice that not only the front pages have changed, but the entire general look. All the information that needs updating is on it's way to being fixed and I am currently getting rid of dead links. Please excuse the mess if you find any. It won't be long until I'm finished. Enjoy the new Realm with my compliments!

Please note!: The email address on this page is correct! I've just changed over my email address and haven't quite gotten around to changing it in all the other pages. The email address should be: Thank you. June 1, 2003

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These Pages were Re-Born 20 November, 1997. These pages were last modified 1 June, 2003. All content, unless otherwise specified, is copyrighted by Rowan Sterling 1997-03. Do NOT reproduce without permission. Midi "Almost a Whisper" by Yanni. All other graphics created by me, are freely distributed, or are property of the owner of the links they lead to. Please see my credit page for in depth links and thanks.