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One needs no comment at all on this picture. So many things come to mind...

He's such a NICE guy!

Look Ma, I'm using my magick! Poof...I'm a rabbit.

Hail, hail, the gang's all here.

They only look innocent. The horns give them away.

The Brotherhood of Aaargh display the corpses of their latest kills.

We look far too happy. You can tell there's alcohol involved.

Uh, Well, this could have made a good AREN picture but the Evil Elf strikes again.

It's a good thing he's got nice legs.

Warming the skins. We TOLD you it was too wet outside, didn't we?

Another one of those innocent looking beasts. His horns are camoflagued.

How the heck did Greg's face get on this cake...and how the heck did it get so flat??

The next generation of drummers begins at the Greening.

Chrisser says: "Where's my other bottle of Mad Dog???
I drank the first one and I can STILL feel my skin!"

Tam and Steve get a few things straight...
Says Tam: "You WILL have a good time, got it?!"

He's so warm and fuzzy. Too bad he's taken.