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Merry Meet and welcome to the Realm of the Goddess. Here, it is always midnight. The Witching Hour. The most magickal time of the day. In this Realm, you will learn about the Goddess. Here, you will learn about yourself. Here, you will learn about magick. This Realm is a place of peace. Each room inside the Goddess's Realm is just a little different from the next one. Just as each person is unique and distinctive. Enter with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Bring in only positive energy and when you go, leave it just a little better than when you came in. So mote it be!

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I was once told by a wise Wiccan to "Trust in the Goddess, but cover your butt!" Please take a moment to read through my credits.This Web Site is owned and designed by Rowan Sterling. All articles and poems are copyrighted by Rowan Sterling 1998-99. When creating the graphics for this site, I used only what I understood to be freely distributed. If I have used copyrighted graphics, please email me with proof and I will remove it or credit the artist. Please do not grab any graphic or text off of this site. It's bad karma.